I have worked hard on the Board of Education to represent our students and our community. First elected in 2014 and now as Vice Chair, I’ve helped bring stability to our district – allowing us to support all students, especially our most vulnerable.  We’ve created new learning opportunities and given students the cutting-edge tools they need to prosper in the 21st century. As a parent, Trustee and community member, I’m committed to always putting students first!

My top priority over the next term is to continue to move seismic safety projects forward as rapidly as possible, because our kids deserve Safe and Inclusive Schools. We also need to continue to rebuild our district following the cuts of 2013/14, restoring and enhancing supports for students. Ensuring every student has their best learning opportunity.

SD43 Experience and Leadership Roles

  • 4 years on the SD43 Board of Education
  • 2 years as Vice Chair of the School Board
  • 3 years BC Public School Employers Association representative for SD43
  • 4 years active Finance Committee member
  • 4 years BC School Trustee Association Provincial Council alternate

Connected to Schools and our Community

  • Parent of 3 Current SD43 Students
  • Long Time PoCo Resident
  • Small Business / Tech Company Owner
  • 9 Years as a PoCo Soccer Coach
  • Served on May Day & other Civic Committees
  • Former Director of PoCo Heritage, helped found the PoCo Museum
  • Long Time Community Volunteer

History of Success for Students

  • Hired More Teachers and EAs Then Ever Before!
  • Eliminated the Annual Teacher Layoffs
  • Added a Mental Health Coordinator
  • Putting More Money into Classrooms
  • Creating 21st Century Learning
  • Modern High Speed WiFi for All Schools
  • 5900 New Tech devices for Students & Teachers last summer alone.
  • Building Safe Schools & Additions

Let’s Connect!

Facebook/Instagram: ThomasFromPoCo                Twitter: @ThomasFromPoCo